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The Seafood Excursion is a package filled with adventure, mystique, experiences and relaxation in, on and by the sea. The waters surrounding our island are unique and hide amongst others, seafood. Slowly making your way to the nets, feeling the anticipation in the air is a very special feeling. Add relaxation for body and soul on our veranda or livingroom and your experience is complete.


The package includes:

  • Accommodation in one of our rooms
  • Breakfast
  • Access to our spa during allocated time
  • Free access to gym and classes (please book classes well in advance ast they are popular) 
  • 3 course seafood dinner*
  • Fishing excursion searching and empiying the nets

Fishing for lobster takes from the first Monday after the 20th September to mid November. During this period the dinner is even more special, with focus on lobster!


If you wish to book a room equipped for those with disabilities or a dog friendly room, please give us a call on +46 303 240 200.

For all our guests' well-being, we assign our guests a spa and dinner time, which you will find in your confirmation that we send to you by e-mail. Guests over the age of 18 and children over the age of 10 (accompanied by an adult) are welcome to use our spa.


Package length: 1 - 2 days
Valid days for arrival: Sat


Package includes

  Uppgradering skaldjursmiddag
  Seafood excursion
  Free access to gym and classes
  Entré till SPA 15-17.30

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